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Permanent as a qualified migrant, coming to Australia with your partner, reaching your family or investing or doing business in Australia, visa application is always mandatory. The type and subclass of visa itself change based on what you want to do.

If you intend to move to Australia to live, work, study, invest or do business in Australia, the first necessary step is to understand how the immigration laws that apply to you work and then apply for the visa that best suits your needs. The Australian immigration laws are in fact subject to frequent changes and the privilege of being able to obtain a permanent residence visa for Australia today may no longer be valid within a few months. For this reason it is important to be followed at all stages by a registered immigration agent whose job it is to study the laws and identify the most suitable visa subclasses to move to Australia


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Agente MARA registrato

English goes here – Australia Legal è uno studio composto da Agenti di Immigrazione Registrato presso il MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). I nostri servizi per il trasferimento in Australia, sono customizzati su un migration planning dedicato, alla singola persona, famiglia o azienda che vuole trasferirsi in Australia. Le leggi di immigrazione australiane sono soggette e frequenti cambi ed essere aggiornati ed in grado di individuare il visto ed il percorso più adatto alle proprie esigenze è la chiave per raggiungere il proprio obiettivo

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